Friday, August 26, 2011

My beautiful bridesmaids

When we were on vacation last month I got to see several of my dearest friends, all of whom were bridesmaids in our wedding nearly eight years ago. I love each of these girls and am so glad we are still in touch even though we might only see each other once a year.

This is Teresa. We were KDs together at Troy State back in the early 80s!

Sonya and I were cheerleaders in high school together.

Jo Ann and I met on a missions trip to Ecuador.

Kelly and I were roomies for our first Darryl's opening in Jan of 1990. She's engaged and getting married in a couple of weeks! I will get to be her bridesmaid then!

Marylynn and I met in Jan of 2000 and she set me up with her brother. He and I didn't pan out but she and I did:)

Susan and Stacy and I went to Evangel together and were part of the young adult singles' ministry.

Ronda and I met at a Bible study and Jennifer and I met at Evangel.

Terri was my pastor's wife and my matron of honor. People always thought I was her when I was her husband's secretary!

Can you spot the girls here?! (Stacy was sick pregnant and couldn't make the wedding but the rest are all in this picture plus a few more:)

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