Friday, September 23, 2011

Moving In

We moved in to our new house this week and things are a mess! We still don't have the computer hooked up so I haven't been able to download any new pix to share. Hopefully this weekend we can do that. We are enjoying getting settled and are looking forward to Paul's first Sunday in the new church this weekend. Today was a holiday for the kids and for me too! I tackled a few more boxes from the garage and the kids played with Taylor next door. She is in 2nd grade at the same school as Mallory so it's nice to have a friend next door for the kids to play with. We drove to Sikeston and looked at three furniture stores for a chair for Paul. No luck.

Tonight the move Tooth Fairy was on. They were playing hockey and Michael looked up and said, "Look! They're playing skate golf. That's dangerous. You shouldn't try to play golf while you're skating on ice!!"

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