Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Daddy

My wonderful father went to Heaven on Friday. We are heartbroken but know we will be together for eternity. I will post some pictures and thoughts another time but wanted to share this sweet email my cousin Jeannette sent my brother and me. It shows some insight as to how special he was. Jeannette and her twin sister Leannette were my mother's sister's daughters and were little girls when my parents were first married. All these stories happened before I was born when my dad was 27 and my mom 25 so they were young when they kept the twins. Here is my cousin's email...

I have so many fond memories of a wonderful and special man.  I thank God that Uncle Tom was a part of my life.  I just wish that I would have had time to spend with him as I got older.
We got to spend lots of time in the summer with Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom and even some weekends during the school year.  I would like to send you some of my memories at this time.  When you mom and dad married I thought your dad was the most hansome man I had ever seen and he was so much fun. 
Your parents were the first ones that took me to a drive-in movie.  They would put a quilt on the ground next to the car for us to lay on and watch the movie.  They would stay in the car with one of the speakers and we had the other one on the quilt with us. 
Your father was a great chef.  I remember one night Leannette and I got up in the middle of the night and got into the refrigerator.  We ate some wonderful meat (I think it was roast) and then went back to bed.  The next morning while at the breakfast table your father asked "do you remember that little white dog that was down the street?"  We said "yes".  Then you dad said that "he had died and the meat that we had eaten was that little white dog".  I don't think we ever got into the refrigerator in the middle of the night again.
Your parents house had a mailbox slot.  That was the first that we had ever seen.  While your mom was at work, your dad stayed with us.  He would let us get a popscicle from the ice cream truck (we lived in the country and there was nothing like an ice cream truck - another neat thing).  Not only a little popscicle but a two stick popscicle.  We would eat them on the porch and then he would let us put the sticks in the mailbox so we could go into the house and get the "mail". 
Whenever we would be driving to and from Tulsa if we came to a bridge with high side rails he would say "that you are to kiss your loved one all the way across the bridge".  They would kiss and we would giggle.
We would do calastenics every morning and evening.  We were in Uncle Tom's army.  It was fun.
They had a screen door on the front door.  If we ran in or out of the house and let the screen door slam he would make us go in and out of the house one hundred times without making any noise.  It didn't take us long to make sure we didn't slam to the door.
I know I have many more stories I could tell you and if you would like them I would be glad to share them.
Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and my arms are around you even from here.  If I could get there I would be there for you.  I love you and prayer for your peace.  I ask again that you remember all the good times and it will help get you through this time. 
Blessings and love,

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