Friday, February 20, 2009

Another fun day with Uncle Bud

Today we hit Lexington and had a great time. We got 100 tokens with a coupon at Chuck E Cheese and Bud was sweet to play the games and ride the rides with M and M. We had lunch at our favorite chop chop place (Japanese Steakhouse) then went to the mall. Mallory had some Build A Bear gift cards from her friend MiMi so we enjoyed seeing her experience that treat for the first time. Then we finished off the day with Cane's!! We're big Cane's fans from way back in Louisiana. Cane's is a chicken finger place that started in Baton Rouge and has taken off from there. We were so excited to see they had built two in Lexington. If you have never tried it and happen upon one some time on the road by all means stop! To me it's better than Guthrie's, Tenda Chick, Zaxby's, etc.

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