Monday, February 16, 2009

A White Castle Valentine's

The White Castle here in Frankfort does a special Valentine's night sit down dinner. You have to make reservations and everything! Missy, Sydney, Mallory, Michael and I went out for our swanky Valentine's night there on Saturday. They had a greeter at the door and took us to our table after checking our name on the reservation list. The tables had real linen tableclothes and pink linen napkins, fresh flowers and were candlelit. We were presented with menus and had a real server. We ordered the sweetheart special for our table, 10 White Castles, two fries and two drinks for $9.99. We also got the kids a beverage and it was plenty to share. After the meal they took our picture and gave us chocolates. It was really fun. With Paul out of town, this was the perfect place for us to take the kids. For those of you who aren't familiar, White Castle is real similar to Krystal, so picture that all done up fancy with decorations!

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