Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mallory's Fall Break summed up

I found this paper in Mallory's school folder today. It's so cute. Here's what it says in case you can't make it out. On Fall Break I went to the mall to ride the escalator and I was excited. Then it says I got real excited at the bottom of the page. (It's true, we did do that. But we also went to crafts and storytime at the library and camped out in the backyard and went to a fish fry and Chuck E Cheese's and the farmer's market and lots of other fun activities!) Michael loves to ride the escalator and there is not one escalator here in Frankfor that we can ride. We have no mall here so when we make a trip to Lexington which we did on Saturday to meet up with a friend of mine in town for the UK/Auburn game, we go to the mall for a little cheap entertainment. Michael told the kids in children's church all about it this past Sunday and the teacher said "you tell your daddy to take you to King's Island":)
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