Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yard Sale Score

My neighbor across the street was having a yard sale Saturday. She's a principal and about two years older than me. I went over to look but didn't have much time. She had a lot of cute clothes and I picked up a few tops and a couple of jackets but had to go get the kids and do some other errands that morning. I told Melissa how cute everything was and couldn't believe how much stuff she was getting rid of. Later that morning we came home to find 4 or 5 big bags of clothes on our porch. She brought everything over to me that didn't sell. Talk about fun. Here's the rundown:
5 polo shirts
12 skirts
2 suits
10 jackets
4 two piece outfits
6 pair of shorts
7 long sleeved t-shirts
41 tops
16 pairs of shoes
12 capris
1 sweatshirt
23 pairs of pants
4 dresses
23 sweaters
and 3 purses
I wore this to church Sunday-skirt, top and shoes all from the haul. The stuff is still piled up in our dining room. I have to go buy some hangers!
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  1. yay! So fun:) I remember getting clothes from you when I was growing up! And now both of my girls have worn the clothes you sent a few summers ago!