Thursday, July 3, 2014

Getting ready for camp

The whole family is off to Camp Sharon next week. Paul is speaking and being a counselor. I am a counselor again and Mallory and Michael are campers. Camp Sharon is the Church of God camp in Missouri. This is the Junior I week which is for 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders. We're all really excited. Last year we took 7 kids to camp and this year 22 are going spread out over three different weeks. We have 13 going to JI.

My cabin for this year is Shady Oak which I happened to be in last year. I wanted to screen the girls shirts since I have learned how to do it the DIY easy method. I found these bright shirts at the Dollar Tree on Tuesday for, yes, you guessed it, just a dollar each! Score! As in most cases at the Dollar Tree they only had one size in this color which was adult S. I figured that would work for most of the campers. I picked up three extra ones of the same color at Hobby Lobby in bigger sizes. While they weren't a dollar they were on sale and were only 2.79 each so that was great.

So our theme is sort of a nautical, cruise type theme. "Welcome Aboard, where will the mission take you?" Paul will be speaking on water related stories from the Bible like Noah, Jonah, Jesus walking on water, etc. There will also be a missions emphasis in the afternoon classes.

I've always love sailor theme so this is a great one for me! I used to wear sailor dresses all the time and one time even told a woman wearing a nautical outfit at Darryl's Restaurant where I worked in the 90s, "I love your outfit." To which she replied, "It's my uniform." She was in the Navy.

So, this is the design I came up with. I did the Shady Oak first in blue. Then added the anchor in red. Once again I just printed the words and the anchor out on the computer and cut them out with an exacto knife. Then placed the paper on my shirts, the screen over and then did the screening. So easy and fun. Also, I have discovered you can place the little 'island' that you cut out of letters like A, O, P, D, etc right on the shirt in the place it is supposed to be when you put the paper with the words down. It just stays in place when you screen the design which makes those letters look much better.

 I think they turned out really cute! So much fun to make these shirts!!!

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