Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Morning Show

Every morning at Camp Sharon the kids meet down by the lake in the amphitheater for a short devotion and a little wake up fun. In the past there was an older lady named Elaine who did the show. It was called The Morning Show with Grandma Elaine. Last year Elaine couldn't be there so a gal name Tisha did it. She was much too young to be called Grandma Tish so it was The Morning Show with Aunt Tish. This year Tish couldn't be at camp so... The Morning Show with Aunt Tammy and Lauden was born.

Lauden Baker is a neat kid who I met last year at camp. He's goes to school in Joplin and is very talented. He lead the kids every morning in the Good Morning song by Mandisa. Always fun to dance to! I had seen his mom on facebook and asked him how old she was. 39! Ha! I like way old enough to be his mother!

We tried to give everyone a chance to be on stage at least once during their week at camp. Toward the end of the week I had all the boys who hadn't been up for anything at all to come up and help lead the pledge. The next day I had the girls who hadn't been a part of any of the activities. As a mom I always want to see all the kids have a turn to be on stage!
We also sand the Wake Up song every morning. Here are some of the counselors helping to lead it.
One morning I had Michael and a couple of the girls from my cabin come up and sing In Summer from Frozen. Everyone sang along. The kids all know the Frozen songs!
Here's a nice shot of most of the campers. We had around 80 kids at Camp Sharon the week we were there.
Of course I had to make shirts for Lauden and me with my newly acquired screen printing technique. Funny this is I wore one of my Morning Show shirts while we were on vacation and I had several people ask me about it! Ha!

Lauden and I had a lot of fun doing The Morning Show. He's quite the actor and hey, I got to use my theater degree for something:)

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