Monday, June 6, 2016

28 day we go

We were major sleepy heads today after a busy weekend so we didn't even get up til 9. The kids and I are off for the summer and Paul takes off on Mondays so we had planned to sleep in. My first thought was "hey great, it won't be long between the breakfast and lunch shakes:)"

First thing we did was weigh and take our 'before ' pictures. I love before and after pix and if you just google 28 day detox before and after pictures you get a lot of hits with good results. This plan is not all about losing weight but we are hoping to enjoy that as one of the benefits of the detox. 

I'll wait on the pictures. More dramatic that way:)

So we started with a cup of the detox tea. Supposed to help start flushing the toxins out of your system. I liked it just fine. Paul did too. It has a minty taste which Mallory doesn't care for so she didn't drink hers. 

About 15 minutes later we made our first protein shakes. We made chocolate ones using the chocolate protein powder, almond milk and a tsp of almond butter. You also add a half scoop of fiber boost which makes you feel more full and keeps ya moving if you know what I mean.  Mal and I made ours with ice. Paul didn't want ice in his. I like the ice. Makes it colder. 

For lunch we tried the vanilla protein powder with some strawberries and spinach and the almond milk. You can't taste the spinach but it's good for you so I threw some in. Also put some almond butter. Mal and I were not big fans of this shake. Paul liked his. We basically held our nose and got it down. There are tons of shake recipes out there so we'll keep trying different ones til we find our faves. 

Our Arbonne products arrived this afternoon. We had borrowed some that we will replace with ours in order to start today. Granted we ordered quite a bit since three of us are doing the detox but I was really surprised by the amount of boxes the UPS lady brought!

For supper I made a turkey chili using a recipe provided for the first week. There's tons of support including a private Facebook group. A few days ago we got a shopping list and 7 menu items to make for the week's dinners. 

The recipes serve four which works perfectly for our family of four so I decided just to use the list and make the food. It all looks good to me and we did enjoy the chili. We put a cut up avocado and ate a few beanito chips with it. Even Michael liked it and he's pretty picky. We were all satisfied. 

As far as snacks go today Paul had some almonds (10) and a green apple. Mallory had some carrots with hummus and I had some pistachios and a few bean chips. 

You're supposed to eat/drink 1200 calories a day. Totally doable. I am a major coffee drinker and really didn't miss it. I usually have a four cup pot in the morning and afternoons. I love coffee  but I guess you just have to psych yourself up and having the tea to drink helps. 

 I did get a headache from the caffeine withdrawal  but I read to mix in a green tea bag with the detox tea in the morning if you're replacing coffee so I'll try that tomorrow. 

We drank lots of water and Paul and Mallory used the fizz sticks which are part of the detox. You drop them in water for some flavor and fizz and they provide other benefits. 

All in all the day was fine and I am so proud of Mallory for jumping in and taking part in this venture. She's a trooper. Michael had a ballgame tonight and she usually is wanting stuff from the concession stand. I told her to grab a bott of water and a green apple to take with her to the park and she did and did great! 

One day down...27 to go😉

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