Sunday, June 19, 2016

Detox Day 14- half way there

Yesterday the kids and I went over to the Paducah area to see one of their good friends perform in Aladdin Kids. Natalie did a wonderful job as Jasmine. 

After the show some of Nat's family invited us to join them at Applebee's. The kids really wanted to go so I told Mallory we could make that our meal of the day and then have our second shake that night. We both got a small grilled chicken breast with diced  green apple on top. Mallory got sweet potato fries and I got green beans.  We shared the two sides between us so we'd have a veg and carb to go on our plates. It was all good. You can go out to eat on the detox. There are usually healthy items you can choose when you're looking for them. 

We never ended up eating our night time shakes. I guess we were just still full. The meal was later in the day since the show was at 2. 

Today we celebrated Father's Day by going to Coltons. Paul, Mallory and I ordered detox friendly dishes. Michael didn't. 😄

I had the chopped sirloin with grilled peppers and onions and a plain sweet potato with green beans. 

Paul also got the chopped sirloin with steamed veggies. 
Mallory had salmon and sweet potato fries. 

Michael had  sirloin tips, fried okra, fries, and the onion straws from Paul's and my chopped steaks. 

He also had the rolls. While we were sitting there I noticed the vast difference in color on our plates vs his. See it?

Paul, Mal and I still had this much leftover...
And to be fair Michael didn't eat all that. Here're his leftovers. 

We had our second shake around 6:30. It was a terrific father's day. 

Tomorrow we start our third week. We're all traveling this week so we'll have to make an extra effort to stay on the detox but we plan to carry on. We're feeling good and are very happy with the decision to give this a try!

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