Monday, June 13, 2016

Detox day 8-and the detox in a can have nuts after all!

So we are one week into our 28 day detox and journey to healthy living. This morning we all weighed in and sent our progress to the sweet friend we heard about Arbonne from. Among the three of us we lost 13-14 lbs the first week!
We are all real happy with the results so far and are enjoying this journey to healthy living. We feel good and I tell you Mallory is thriving. I did feel a bit remorseful on Saturday when at our VBS day camp all the kids were eating pizza and ice cream and she couldn't partake. But she stuck it out, we had stuff there she could snack on like nuts, a green apple and berries and she made it through. We can tell she's pleased with the progress so hopefully that, along with the promise of her long desired cat, will get her to the finish line. Only 20 more days. Like one of our friends who is doing this detox said, "you can do anything for 28 days". True. 

We're basically wanting to reset our eating habits. We are experiencing the way eating healthy makes us feel which is really good. We had fallen in to eating junk and too much of it. Instead of a couple of treats a week we were having three or four a day. Not good. 

Someone asked me if we're starving. I said No!! You get to eat and eat good things. It's very doable. The goal is 1200 calories a day. It's a protein shake for breakfast and lunch and then a healthy, clean dinner of lean meats, veggies, healthy fats and grains like brown rice or quinoa. And there's the handful of snacks here and there. Plus your cravings go way down when your body isn't use to eating all that sugar and gluten. 

As far as what you're "detoxing"? You're cutting out all sugar, gluten, alcohol (not a prob for us since we don't drink but could be a concern for some) dairy, caffeine (yes no coffee and I drank two small pots a day but am fine), and other stuff but those are the biggies. But can do anything for 28 days😄

This was our dinner tonight. 

I sautéed some fresh green beans to al dente in a little olive oil. I added some fresh garlic and some purple onions. 

I also roasted up a bunch of fresh veggies. Mmmm...

I grilled some chicken breasts with a little
olive oil, salt and pepper and fresh lime juice. It was delicious. 
And I made some brown rice. All tasty. 

The kids each had a friend over and they liked the meal too😄
Tonight Mallory had a ballgame and they won! They're undefeated. It's fun to win. Paul was third base coaching. 

And she scored! Just like we're doing on this detox!

When we got home the girls had a few berries...we have strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries in the fridge. It's easier to eat good stuff when good stuff is on hand. 

I had a few of these yummy bean chips with some homemade salsa. It's recommended not to eat after 7 and we try to hold to that but sometimes we need a small snack:)

Tomorrow I'm going to make stuffed bell peppers with grass fed beef and brown rice. Paul loves stuffed peppers so it's nice this is a good meal for the detox. Beef is allowed once a week but we didn't have any last week. Looking forward to tasting "grass fed beef". I never have before:)

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