Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Arbonne Detox day 9 - 19 to go

We're in the 'teens' of days left to
go on our family detox. Honestly it's gone pretty fast. Today Paul went to the doctor about an infection on his hand. After just these eight or nine days on the detox his blood pressure is down from what it normally runs. It's normally mid 130s over 80s. Today it was 118 over 70. Awesome. 

Well I thought I'd try the vanilla shake with 3/4 cup almond milk and it was yummy. Had one for breakfast and lunch. 

Mallory is sticking to the chocolate. Paul too. 

We had the stuffed peppers for dinner. Really good. I used brown rice and the grass fed beef. Very good. We had some zucchini and fresh from the garden cukes. 

The kids each had games tonight. Mallory and I enjoyed munching on sunflower seeds during Michaels game. Turns out they're detox friendly👍🏼

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