Monday, June 20, 2016

Detox Day 15- weigh in day

Today was weigh in day. Mallory has lost 8 pounds and Paul and I have both lost over 7 in the first two weeks of the detox. We're very pleased with our results so far and look forward to the next two weeks. It's gone really fast. My hope and desire is to continue in this healthy living lifestyle. We enjoy the foods and we feel so much better. 

Today I started the 7 day body cleanse. 

Paul is traveling so will wait until he gets back. This isn't a colon cleanse but is designed to flush even more toxins out of your body. This is a liquid you mix with 32 oz of water and drink over the period of 4-8 hours. It doesn't taste bad. You're supposed to drink 32 oz of plain water alongside so you're really getting your water in. You do this for 7 days straight typically the third week of the detox. Mallory won't be doing the cleanse. It wasn't recommended due to her age. 

I keep reading tremendous testimonies of people who have done this detox. People who were taking all kinds of medication who no longer needed them after detoxing and changing their eating habits. The old adage is true... you are what you eat.  

Tonight we had leftovers. Mallory ate the Applebee's leftovers and Paul are the Coltons leftovers. I scrambled three fresh eggs and ate them with some sliced avocado and a little salsa. Mmm good. 

Mallorys detox cat finally came
Out of the crate. Well Paul had to dump it out:) He hides all over the house but will let you pet him on his terms. In these pictures he was under Mal's loft bed so I got a few shots of them together. She's so thrilled with Louie👍🏼❤️

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