Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Detox day 17- on the road

We're detoxing on the road this week. Paul is in Indiana and the kids and I are in Kentucky. We all packed our detox stuff before we left. Mallory has been making her own shakes at our friend Martha's house where she is staying and I'm doing the same at Yvonne's. Pauls making do where he is. 

I've done two days of the body cleanse and find it easy to sip on throughout the day. I've also been drinking lots of water as recommended. 

Last night I grabbed a burrito bowl at Qdoba for dinner. They have brown rice so I got that with black beans and pinto beans, some grilled chicken, lettuce, pico and guacamole. I only ate half of it but it was very yummy. 

Tonight Yvonne and I went to Longhorn and I had salmon, a plain baked sweet potato, broccoli and asparagus. So delicious. Again, I love all the color on the plate. I had water to drink and asked for lemon and lime in it. I try to drink a lot of water at meal times. You have someone there to pour your refills and it fills your tummy too. 

I finally found the brown rice syrup I was looking for at Kroger. 

The homemade protein bars I was going to make calls for that as a sweetener and I'd looked several places for it but had no luck. I don't know if I'll make the bars but if I do I'll be ready. They only call for four ingredients: the Arbonne protein powder, almond butter, gluten free oats and the brown rice syrup. 

I had my morning shake at 830 and then went out tooling around Frankfort. Didn't have my lunch one until 230 and I was not even hungry between shakes. Before I would have eaten something around 730, then maybe 930, then lunch, then prob something by 2. It's really amazing how much your cravings go down when you're not eating all that sugar. 

Sweet dreams😉

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