Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Detox Day 3 - 25 to go

This thing is getting easier every day. You sort of get in a groove so I'm hoping that's how it will continue. Paul and I weighed this morning and we're both down again. Even if it's half a pound to me that's progress. I'm looking forward to the health benefits but let's face it, I wanna see some pounds and inches go away! 

Today I tried making my shakes with water and I liked them just fine. The choc is still my fave. I added some raspberries and enjoyed those flavors together. Mal is sticking with chocolate. Paul likes either. 

For supper I made the veggie packed marinara which was really good. 

You sauté all these veggies and add them to the homemade marinara which is basically crushed tomatoes, onion and garlic. 

The sauce was very flavorful. Loved it. The brown rice spaghetti noodles? Not so much. Just as soon eat the sauce by itself. But hey, you like some you don't like some😉

Those noodles just weren't my thing. But we all, including Michael, ate our serving and are better for it:)

Proud of Mallory again today. She sticks to this thing and never asks for anything off the plan. I offer her little snacks here and there like carrots and hummus or a handful of nuts and she enjoys the healthy items. Tonight the kids at church were going to be watching a movie while we had a VBS planning meeting. I knew there'd be a snack so I packed her a little cashews and a green apple and she took a water with a fizz stick in it. Gives her something to munch while the others are eating. I think that makes it more doable. 

No headache for me today. Thankful for that. I drink the detox tea when I get hungry during the day and that helps fill my tummy. 

On to day four...

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