Saturday, June 18, 2016

Detox day 12- Here kitty kitty

Mallory has wanted a cat forever. I have never wanted to get one because I don't like them. Hate to use the word hate since it's so strong but you can think what you want. 

I told her if she stuck this detox out I'd let her have a cat. Well, we're half way through. She's done so well and a friend posted a cat looking for a home today so we went ahead and got him. 

Meet Louis as in Louis Zamperini from the film Unbroken fame. 

He's pretty. And we're told he loves to be held and brushed. 
And played with. 
But we'll have to wait and see because he hasn't come out of the crate since we got home. 

Tonight the kids went to a birthday party from 5-7. Mallory ate our leftover savory bean and spinach soup from last night before going to the party. They were going to be serving hot dogs and cake. When we picked her up two of my friends who were there said Mallory had done so great. Turned down all the party food and cupcakes. She wants that cat. 

Paul and I went on a mini date while the kids were at the party. We went to a Mexican place and shared some chicken fajitas for onewith no shells, no cheese, no rice, no beans, and no sour cream. And we said no chips when we sat down (that's a first right there!) No fun you may be thinking! What did you eat you may ask?  We had the shredded lettuce with guacamole and pico on top along with the fajita chicken and grilled peppers and onions. And a little salsa on the side. It was all delicious and we were satisfied and we even brought some home. And with two waters our grand total was $13 bucks. 😉 

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