Sunday, June 12, 2016

Arbonne detox day 7- 21 to go

So the big break through of the day is... I now like the vanilla shake. When I first tried the vanilla protein powder shakes I added almond milk, almond butter and strawberries. For whatever reason I did not like that combination. And ever since then (Monday) I've stayed away from the vanilla. But I got to thinking it can't be that bad or they wouldn't offer samples at the Arbonne get togethers or make the little fruit dip out of the powder that I've read about. So this morning I made my breakfast shake vanilla and just used water. It was good. Nice vanilla flavor. I think at first I just wanted to use the almond milk because it was "milk" and I thought the shakes would be better with it. But I'm liking them better with the water. Paul is set on the almond milk so I'll be stocking up for the week in the morning. 

Aldi is a great place to shop for the detox. I love to shop there anyway but for the detox they do offer stuff like almond butter, almond milk, nuts, hummus, lots of fresh veggies and even grass fed beef which you can have once a week. They have quite a few organic items as well. 

Tomorrow morning we weigh in officially. I've been weighing every day but this will be the one week check in so I'm excited to see what the scales show. 

Cravings are down. We're all still 100% in detox mode. Feeling really good. 

On to week two. 

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