Thursday, June 9, 2016

Arbonne Detox day 4 - 24 to go

When we first started this detox I was fairly certain that Paul nor I would have any trouble sticking to the plan. He is very disciplined and has a good grasp on self control from a biblical perspective. It is one of the fruits of the Spirit and he says a better phrase is really self mastery. I don't know why but I was on board from the start so didn't think I couldn't do it or that I would cheat. 

 But Mallory? She's 11 and a half as she likes to say, and she was a wild card. To say I'm surprised that she's done so well wouldn't actually be true. She is very strong willed and head strong and to see her sticking to the regimen doesn't really surprise me. But she's a kid and she likes to eat and she really loves her food so to see her drinking those shakes two times a day and eating her sensible dinner and enjoying healthy snacks really just makes me proud. 

Today I took the kids and a friend to the city pool. Normally Mallory would have asked for some snacks from the concession but I packed her some strawberries and a water and that's what she snacked on. I loved looking up and seeing her enjoying a fresh strawberry when she previously would have been having chips or candy. 

Tonight she had a softball game. I packed her a little bag of pistachios. Figured they were sort of like sunflower seeds as far as having the shells and all that. I noticed when she was up to bat that her shorts weren't fitting as tightly around her thighs and pointed it out to Paul. After the game she mentioned the same thing to me. She was happy. And she hadn't even eaten all the pistachios.  Again her MO is to ask for not one but two things from the concession stand every time we're all the ballpark. 

 I hope the next 24 days continues to go well. I trust that it will but, hey, she's 11...and a half 😄

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